We have a range of equipment available to buy or order through us at competitive prices.

Perfect Fit Harnesses

The Perfect Fit dog harness is a quality fleece padded harness with a 3 part modular design, available in 13 colours and 4 different width options.  They come as standard with front and back rings.  The total combination of harnesses available is 1404 enabling a great fit for almost all dogs.  There are several clips on the harness which is beneficial to nervous dogs who do not like having anything put over their ears or do not like their legs to be lifted.  The pieces are interchangeable and some are adjustable, allowing you to change the individual pieces if your dog changes shape or your puppy chews a section!  Full information can be found at

Leads & Long Lines

These are available in a range of vibrant colours and can be ordered at any length to suit if we do not hold stock of your chosen product.  All leads have a handle on one end with a D ring and strong clip on the other end and are 25mm wide.  The long lines are a great way to help you whilst training a good recall.  The popular sizes are shown below and prices start at £5.00.

Training Treat Pouches

We have a selection of competitively priced pouches starting from just £2.50 or for those wanting more room to carry phone/keys etc, we have deluxe pouches with belts from £10.

Treats & Soft Toys

We stock a limited selection of treats which can be purchased cost effectively from us.

Additionally we have recycled dog friendly soft toys which offer a cheaper alternative to expensive pet shop bought toys.