One to One Consultations and Training


One to One consultations and training sessions are available and in certain circumstances may be more appropriate than group classes.

You may have a specific issue that needs addressing that would be better dealt with in a more controlled environment or at your own home.  We realise that time is precious and it may be that individual training sessions may work better for you, and we can also come to your chosen location at a mutually convenient time.

For more information on these sessions, please call Vikki Cleaver on 07773 784402.

Puppy Planning Consultation


This is especially recommended for new first time puppy owners to help make the transition for both you and your puppy as rewarding as possible.  We will go through any specific issues you have and guide you through any concerns you have and a follow up report will be sent for you to refer back to.  This session can be done either prior to welcoming you puppy into your home or shortly after to suit you.  The appointment can take place either at our premises or in your home (within a 5 mile radius).

Walk and Train Service


If you are struggling with time to train and walk your dog, we can help you with this.

Our walk and train service will provide you with the peace of mind that you dog is getting the exercise that he needs at the same time as having some training and we can work on whatever you would like us to at a mutually suitable time.  Reports will be given frequently to update you on your dog’s progress.

One to One Consultation


These sessions are aimed to help you work through specific issues with your dog.

They will include a one to one consultation of approximately 1.5 hours.  Behavioural consultations can include a report and handouts.  The appointment will usually take place at our training centre in Old Amersham but may be available elsewhere by agreement.

Follow on Training


These are available after the initial one to one consultation has been completed.

We will guide you through approximately 1 hour of positive enlightening training, in our training centre or elsewhere by agreement.

Blocks of 4 weekly appointments are available at a discounted price of £180