Group Training

COVID 19 UPDATE – all training will take place outdoors as much as possible.  In the event of bad weather, we will train in our dedicated training hall with all windows and doors open.  additional spectators can attend but we may have to ask you to watch from outside the fence and extra people may not be permitted when we train indoors due to space constraints.  Please wait for the gate and doors to be opened for you, sanitise your hands as you enter the training area, do not handle other dogs and keep 2 meters apart to maintain social distancing.  

We offer small group classes to suit puppies and dogs of all ages and levels of training.  Classes are held at our own training facility at Copas Farm, Old Amersham.   We have a spacious carpeted training room and outside space for training and enrichment.   

Beginners agility will take place at Copas Farm, Old Amersham with those wanting to progress further, training is at the lovely level spacious fenced paddocks at  Pennwood Home Boarding & Day Care for dogs .   

Group sizes are kept small to ensure maximum attention.

For more information on any of these classes, please call Vikki Cleaver on 07773 784402.

Puppy Foundation Manners

Wednesday 5.30 pm; Friday 9.30 am, Sunday 9.30 am, 10.30 am & 2 pm
£80 – 6 week course
  • how puppies learn
  • loose lead walking skills
  • toilet training
  • bite prevention 
  • returning when called
  • preventing jumping up
  • sit, stand, lie and settle
  • dropping and leaving items
  • understanding body language
  • preventing separation anxiety

For puppies up to 18 weeks dogs starting their training journey.

Rolling programme

 to allow puppies to get going with their training as soon as possible.  Week 1 is an online session and can be taken as soon as you get your puppy to start their early training before the puppy has completed with primary course of vaccinations.  Subsequent sessions can be taken straight away or deferred until you are ready to take your puppy outdoors. Handouts provided to support your learning.

Bronze Basic Manners Training

 Wednesday 6.30pm

£80 – 6 week course
  • how dogs learn
  • loose lead walking skills
  • returning when called
  • sit, stand, lie and settle
  • dropping and leaving items
  • understanding body language
  • dealing with adolescence
  • preventing separation anxiety
  • developing confidence
  • impulse control skills

For older puppies (16 wks+) and adult dogs starting their training journey.

Rolling programme to allow dogs to get going with their training as soon as possible.  Week 1 is an online session with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback until your next session, with subsequent sessions weekly at the training facility.

Handouts provided to support your learning.  

Silver Improvers Training

Wednesday 7.45 pm, Friday 10.30 am &
Sunday 11.45 am
£80 – 6 week course
  • loose lead walking and heelwork skills
  • recall with distractions
  • distance positional changes
  • send away
  • emergency stop
  • fun practical skills/tricks
  • scentwork exercises
  • body awareness courses
  • impulse control skills

For older puppies and adult dogs who have already completed a foundation training course.

Rolling programme to allow dogs to continue their training.  Other aspects of training can be addressed as requested to suit the group.

Gold Skills Training

Thursday 9.30 am
£80 – 6 week course
There is always more to learn and this session is designed for owners and dogs who enjoy training and challenging themselves to achieve more! 
  • more advanced heelwork on both sides of handler
  • various tricks on visual and verbal cue
  • out of sight wait with duration
  • scent work exercises
  • rally movements
  • working towards dog dance routines

 In order to attend this session, your dog will need to be able to demonstrate a reasonable ability on and off the lead and have a willingness to learn different skills.  


£80 for 6 weeks

Friday 12.30 & 1.30 pm

These are fun agility sessions aimed to promote confidence and develop a great bond between you and your dog.  Agility is an energizing activity for both you and your dog and so much more fun than running on a treadmill!  Sessions will help develop your dog’s confidence and speed to work away from you round a course of jumps and other obstacles.

Dogs must be over 12 months in order to participate in agility as below this age, they are still growing and can put too much strain on their limbs. Basic obedience is required as your dog will need to be able to work off the lead. 

Tricky Treats

Dates to follow

This session is full of fun tricks to teach your dog and impress your friends with.  Different pieces of equipment will be used to encourage you to ‘think outside the box’ and utilise equipment that you have at home already.  You never know, this could be your start to you both becoming the next Britain’s Got Talent winner!

Brain Games

Dates to follow

This is a 6 week course for dogs of all ages and levels of training.  It will help you learn about dogs’ amazing senses and encourage you to utilise all of them to mentally wear them out without having to walk miles and miles in order to stimulate your dog.  We will include scentwork as well as arousing their other senses.

Hounds in the Holidays

To recommence as soon as we are able!

Calling all budding young dog trainers!  Bring your small people to join in the fun with their dog over the holidays and help your children and dogs bond together whilst learning some valuable training tips. As well as basic obedience, they can get involved in trick training, games, as well as some fun agility.