Listed below is an alphabetical list of useful articles and videos which may be of interest.


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Baby – how to prepare for the new arrival by Jo-Rosie Haffenden
Balance & Coordination
Body Language – Chart showing some common ways to read your dog
Body Language and Petting article containing useful clip showing stress signals
Bones – types of bones that are safe to feed
Calming – How to calm a crazy dog! Quick video with simple ideas
Cats – How to successfully introduce dogs and cats
Children – keeping them safe round dogs (stop the 77)
Children – keeping them safe round dogs (Pat, Pet, Pause song)
Children – keeping them safe round dogs (I Speak Doggie song)
Children – keeping them safe round dogs (Dog Stars song)
Crate Training by Jo-Rosie Haffenden
Ear Medication Training by Chirag Patel
House Moving – how to make it as stress free as possible for your dog
Growth Chart – to give an indication of the likely size a puppy will grow to
Headcollars – how they work and should they be used?
IMDT Code of Ethics – the code that Cleaver Dog Training follows
Invisible barriers – how to teach your dog to stay behind an invisible barrier
Jumping Up – how to teach your dog to stop
Leave – how to teach a drop command by Steve Mann
Loose Lead Walking by Steve Mann
Neutering – detailed article on health implications of castrating and spaying
Neck cross section showing where collars can be problematic
Nurturing your Puppy in the early days
Positive Reinforcement vs dominance method
Poisonous and Safe Foods
Poisonous Plants Poster
Rawhide Chews – the dangers
Recall – Simple steps to improve your recall by Steve Mann
Rescue dog – how to help him settle
Small Dog Syndrome
Smell – highlighting how amazing their sense of smell is
Socialisation – a useful article with some basic tips on socialisation
Stay – how to teach a good stay/wait by Chirag Patel
Stop – how to teach an emergency stop by Steve Mann
Treats – why you should use treats when training by Victoria Stilwell
Trigger stacking
Unwanted Behaviour – a mini tutorial on how to use a positive interrupter
Weight Chart – showing the outline and other signs for optimum weight
Winter paw care

Please feel free to message if you would like any other topics included and we will do our best to find something suitable.  We also have a selection of books which can be borrowed subject to paying a deposit.  Please ask if there is a book that you may be interested in reading.