Group Training

We offer group classes to suit puppies and dogs of all ages and levels of training.  Classes are held both indoors and at outdoors at Copas Farm, Old Amersham.   We have a spacious carpeted training room and outside space for training and enrichment.   

Beginners agility will take place at Copas Farm, Old Amersham with those wanting to progress further, training is at the lovely level spacious fenced paddocks at  Pennwood Home Boarding & Day Care for dogs .   

Group sizes are kept small to ensure maximum attention.

For more information on any of these classes, please call Vikki Cleaver on 07773 784402.

Puppy Pre School

£10 per session

Weekly session aimed at helping to develop confidence and strengthen your bond together.  During these sessions we look at ‘all things puppy’ including biting, toilet training, handling, legal requirements, appropriate play as well as building confidence through experiencing different sounds, textures and equipment.etc.  Handouts are provided to assist your learning.  These sessions can be done alongside any other training you are doing.

Puppy Packages Available


Save money with our various training packages to help guide you through puppyhood and get the most out of your relationship with your new family addition.

Bronze Basic Manners Training

£75 – 6 week course

This programme will cover how to teach your dog/puppy to walk well on the lead, return when called, preventing jumping up, learning to sit and lie down, how to settle, understanding body language, learning social skills around other dogs and further exercises to develop confidence through learning.  This is run on a rolling 6 week programme.  Handouts are provided to assist your learning.

Silver Improvers Training

£75 – 6 week course

This course continues the foundations that you and your dog have already learnt.  We will continue to work on walking well on the lead with distractions and recalling your dog to you.   Also included will be learning the emergency stop; confidence building exercises that will help your dog in real life situations; handling for the groomer/vet; standing; settling on a mat; dropping and article; retrieving; the sendaway and much more. 

Gold Skills Training

£75 – 6 week course

This course is for those dogs who are now progressing well and ready to advance their training.  We will work on increasing the distractions and duration of exercises previously dealt with and will include having fun whilst training Heelwork to Music freestyle moves, rally exercises and trick training.  


£75 for 6 weeks

These are fun agility sessions aimed to promote confidence and develop a great bond between you and your dog.  Agility is an energizing activity for both you and your dog and so much more fun than running on a treadmill!  Sessions will help develop your dog’s confidence and speed to work away from you round a course of jumps and other obstacles.

Dogs must be over 12 months in order to participate in agility as below this age, they are still growing and can put too much strain on their limbs. Basic obedience is required as your dog will need to be able to work off the lead. 

Tricky Treats

This session is full of fun tricks to teach your dog and impress your friends with.  Different pieces of equipment will be used to encourage you to ‘think outside the box’ and utilise equipment that you have at home already.  You never know, this could be your start to you both becoming the next Britain’s Got Talent winner!

Brain Games

This is a 6 week course for dogs of all ages and levels of training.  It will help you learn about dogs’ amazing senses and encourage you to utilise all of them to mentally wear them out without having to walk miles and miles in order to stimulate your dog.  We will include scentwork as well as arousing their other senses.

Hounds in the Holidays

Please enquire for details of forthcoming courses

Calling all budding young dog trainers!  Bring your small people to join in the fun with their dog over the holidays and help your children and dogs bond together whilst learning some valuable training tips. As well as basic obedience, they can get involved in trick training, games, as well as some fun agility.